Barbeque Grill | About Us
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About Us


“BBQ Grill presents to you variety of flavored, smoky, highly seasoned, tandoori, joy of grilled Barbeque food.”

A Few food culinary creates obsession, craving for food even before gulping in our mouth, and the best one to think about is “Barbeque” – smoky food, marinated, charcoal odor gives a feeling of juicy, irresistible, sumptuous food. Barbeque Grill takes the BARBEQUING to the next level serving the dishes in
unique styles prepared over an open fire, on a hearth, grill or spit, with seasoning of vinegar, spices, salt, pepper, barbeque sauces and more. Enjoy the historic food traditions, oil free, protein rich delicacies, grilled, roasted and smoke food with your beloved ones at Barbeque Grill and a complete dining experience.

It serves finger-licking, mouth watering and high-protein delicacies. It has brought a revolution of moving taste bud from junk food to healthy and nutritious food.

We at Barbeque takes care of the needs of the taste of the customers and maintains hygiene at the places.

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