Barbeque Grill | Franchise
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Franchise Cost

Looking for someone who can join hands with us and who wants to invest in something which is a good earning source for them. We at Barbeque Grill are giving them an opportunity to build a future with us.
You need to invest total of 6-10 Lacs for the Franchise Cost Break Up. This cost is inclusive of Franchise Fees and Project cost. In this we will provide you a location of 150-1500 sq.ft.
In this we will arrange 3-5 Working staff and the right selection of the location which can be rented/leased or owned.

Franchise Cost
150-300 sq.ft.
Rs.7-10 Lacs
Franchise Cost
BARBEQUE GRILL Café / Restaurant
300-1500 sq.ft.
Rs.10-15 Lacs
Project Cost

Other than that there is a Project cost which includes Makeover, Infrastructure, Branding, Equipment’s and Security. The Makeover fees of 0.50 lacs includes tiling, flooring, ceiling, paint, furniture, counter, billing software’s and signage.
The Return on Investment period will of 20-24 months.