Credit Enhancement Strategies for Corporate Borrowers

At Challis Capital, we understand risk, we also understand the wide range of financial instruments we can use to mitigate it for a corporation.If you’re a corporate and wish to discuss how you can access higher LVR’s and more comfortable loan terms, talk to us – we can help.

Introducing credit enhancement strategies allows the corporate borrower access to a more efficient funding package by virtue of significant risk mitigants being introduced.

Our clients have benefited from our Credit Enhancement Strategies through:
  • Higher loan to Value ratios
  • Improved interest only periods
  • Longer loan terms
  • Improved amortisation profiles
  • Improved risk pricing of the corporate debt
Approved collateral types, currently consist off
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Pooled Small to Medium Enterprise trade accounts
  • Equipment loan/lease receivables
  • Capital assets
A working capital based funding solution

If you are a property developer, we can also facilitate a Credit Enhancement strategy to cover your pre-sale shortfalls.

For your growing middle market company, Credit Enhancement solutions can be used as a highly efficient, receivables-based working capital funding solution.

Improve your corporate debt risk profile and help your business grow – contact us for a confidential chat about Credit Enhancement strategies today.