X2 FLEX Performance


Your core defensive support for healthy joints and mobility for being healthy, happy and whole.

The Formula:
X2 FLEX is a premium blend of carefully selected natural ingredients which are acclaimed worldwide to promote healthy joint mobility as well as help relieve the aches and pains of everyday life, especially when used in tandem with the Nimbus cm2 WEB. Cellular health being the forefront of Nimbus, this scientific blend contains UCII type two chicken external cartilage, curcuminoids, hyaluronic acid and MSMs blended specifically to encourage healthy joints and flexibility in the body.

The Delivery System:
X2 FLEX capsule and blend are designed for supporting cellular recovery, mobility and strength. The two capsule, once-a-day capsule program delivers the optimum amount of supplemental nutrition for an active and ongoing lifestyle.

Primary Benefits:

  • Promotes Healthy joints
  • Promotes Healthy Mobility
  • Promotes Cellular Recovery


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Methylsulfonylmethane Turmeric Ext., Hyaluronic Acid, UCII Standardized Cartilage, Black Pepper Ext.

Retail: $75
CV: 50

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