A Place for Brunch, Lunch & Work

V0584 Cafe is a coffee shop that offers a place to work with the best direct trade coffee in Panama City. We are the official representatives of Don Benjie coffee in Panama.

Café Don Benjie specialty coffee is grown and produced at the slopes of the Barú Volcano in the Highlands of Chiriquí, north of the town of Boquete.

Our Coffees

Natural, Honey and Washed Processes with different fermentation techniques as Anaerobic, Aerobic and Carbonic macerations, looking for enhanced and unique flavour profiles.

Adopting the traditions of wine making, we aim for products of excellence, creating and influencing different and interesting flavour profiles in our coffees.

We process all our coffees with a very limited use of spring water in order to contribute to the environment, always aiming for a cup of excellence in all the coffees we process.

Working Space

Looking for a quiet and calm space to work? At v0584 cafe you will find exactly what you need: free wi-fi, coffee and silence.

We also offer a variety of pastries, salads and of course, the best direct trade coffee in town.

We invite you to seat comfortably, taste a cup of coffee and relax. Experience the v0584 way of working and living. You won’t regret it!


Vladimir de Suarez

What is Direct Trade Coffee?

Direct Trade is a movement that promotes fair pay and ethical treatment for producer groups in developing countries when they export their goods.

V0584 Cafe works directly with farmers to agree on a price that will work for both parties, taking into account factors such as market value and operation expenses.

Once a sustainable price is agreed on, we pay the farmers a portion of the order cost upfront. This helps the farmers cover their expenses until the order is complete.

Why Buy Direct Trade Coffee?

When you choose to buy or support direct trade coffee brands by consuming their product, you are choosing to support equality for coffee farmers, sustainable business practices, and environmental responsibility. The purchase of direct trade coffee enables communities to become self-sufficient as they use their earnings to contribute to local education and healthcare.