Let’s Collaborate together

Site Selection

As a part of the site selection process, Tadka Kitchen team will help you to select an appropriate location. Tadka Kitchen will provide a defined process and format based on which the site selection shall be done. This will be done keeping in mind major traffic generators and location specific financial viability models.


Training Support

Tadka Kitchen will provide ongoing training to franchisees and store managers on new processes and systems that improve restaurant profitability. The staff will also undergo rigorous training on all relevant systems and processes to ensure excellence in execution.



Tadka Kitchen will provide software that integrates point of sale, human resources management, order management, sales/revenue management, purchasing and inventory management, marketing process management in a progressive touch screen user interface. Tadka Kitchen will also provide a customer relationship management solution that is based on loyalty points to attract repeat customers. Digital tablets for order process and free Wi-Fi for guests is also a part of the overall solution.



Based on information provided, Tadka Kitchen will analyze local purchasing power parity in relation to projected restaurant cost parameters to develop pricing with a goal to maximise profitability.

  • Commercial place with an area measuring above 150-1500 sq.ft.
  • Ability to invest Investment 6-10 Lacs.
  • Return on Investment will be 20-24 Months
  • The franchise will mainly focus on the Food and Beverages industry.



Tadka Kitchen, over a period of time, has built a network of vendors across the country that supplies the necessary equipment and materials needed for setup of the restaurant brand at competitive price points. Tadka Kitchen will extend the benefits of nationally governed alliances to the franchisee. Training will be provided on optimal inventory management and procurement methods.


Business Model-

We would love to spread the goodness of healthy and tasty food through our franchise model, in an organized work structure. The franchise partner will get complete access to the standard, quality raw materials, experienced management with a proven track record, a mature operating system and will benefit from solid branding, refined and effective support services.


Launch and Support-

Paving your way, the team at Tadka Kitchen, extends full support in planning, designing and launch of your stores; the Franchisee will grow with growth of the company on processes, operations, revenues, product research and alteration / addition and you will be supported all the way through.

Our proven business model, instant access to all raw materials, marketing initiatives, financial tools and training guides will help to drive a successful business. Once you are up with the idea of running the franchise and have started it, our team will motivate and encourage for indisputable success. Staying connected will help at different times to resolve business queries and seek instant solutions.